APR Panel of Eminent Persons

The Panel exercises oversight of the APRM process with a view to ensuring the independence, professionalism and credibility of the process. It also oversees the selection of the APR Teams and appoints them to conduct country reviews. Other missions of the Panel are outlined below.

The Mandate of the APR Panel

  • Recommend appropriate African institutions or individuals to conduct technical assessments
  • Meet when required to review and make objective assessments of the recommendations in the country review reports submitted to it by the APRM Secretariat
  • Consider recommendations contained in the country review reports and make recommendations to the APR Forum
  • Submit to the APR Forum all country review reports with recommendations on measures that could be taken to assist the country in the improvement of its government and socio-economic development performance
  • Develop its own rules of procedures, submit them to the APR Forum for approval, and approve those of the APRM Secretariat and the APR Teams
  • The APR Panel shall meet not less than four times a year, and shall hold additional special meetings as may be required.

It is important to note that the APRM is directed and managed by a Panel of Eminent Persons. They are “Africans who have distinguished themselves in careers that are relevant to the work of APRM”. The base document of the APRM also stipulates that Members of the Panel must be persons of high moral stature and demonstrated commitment to the ideals of Pan-Africanism.

The Current Members of the APR Panel

  • Prof. Fatima Zohra KARADJA – Chairperson of APR Panel
  • Amb. Ombeni Yohana SEFUE – Vice-Chairperson APR Panel
  • MemberAmb. Mona Omar ATTIA
  • Dr. Inonge Mbikusita-LEWANIKA
  • Dr. Ousmane M. DIALLO
  • Dr. Honore MABONDA