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2018 #IIAG data portal

Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG) |

Head to to explore the data


Whether you’re a citizen, a policy maker, a young leader or an academic, the 2018 #IIAG data

is yours to analyse, assess and debate. Explore over 100 indicators of #governance across

#Africa at


Explore the Ibrahim Index of African Governance #IIAG data portal at and

learn how African countries are performing in areas such as health, education, and gender.



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What are the key areas of #governance you would like to see improving in your country and in #Africa over the next 10 years?

Download the 2018 #IIAG report at and learn more.

The 2018 #IIAG tells us that African governments need to focus on creating better opportunities for its citizens, who are not benefitting from the economic growth in the continent. But what are other insights you can get from the data? Access to find out.

2018 #IIAG: African averages are important for a broader picture of #governance in the continent, but each country has its own trajectory and story. Explore country-specific data for 54 African countries now at