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APRM signed a collaboration agreement with Coalition for Dialogue on Africa (CoDA) to advance efforts to reduce IFFs from African countries.

Read statement: https://www.aprm-au.org/publications/signing-of-the-collaboration-agreement-between-african-peer-review-mechanism-and-the-coalition-for-dialogue-on-africa/

As we wrap up the International Women’s month, this animation summarizes ways to achieve gender equality and strengthen the nexus between #Gender #Governance & #Peacebuilding. 1/4

See full video:

@_AfricanUnion @AU_WGDD @IOMatAU @UNHCRSouthernAF @UNDPPA

African Union welcomes #DRC to Peer Review Mechanism at 30th #APRMForum of Heads of State and Government, urges other countries to join initiative. @APRMorg

https://bit.ly/2P03XZh https://twitter.com/DIRCO_ZA/status/1375084097672986632

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