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WEBINER – A COMMONWEALTH PARLIAMENTARY PROGRAMME, Tackling the concept of People’s Democracy and Human Rights in the context of COVID -19 and the Gender Based Violence pandemics”. 30 SEPTEMBER 2020 https://www.pscp.tv/w/ckLgGTFlVlFZQk9NTW5BS0x8MXluS09xcHdvUXpKUpt9RtiuYOFA4UOPDt-wF5qysZS0BUWDwHekI7ln0nXU

The State of The Africa Peer Review Mechanism Process for South Africa Webinar https://www.pscp.tv/w/ckBC6zFQWEVkUkp5QmtES2V8MU9kS3JXcW1kTnpHWOxbQzpKfQP6S7cWGI5Y7qbZX3lX3gguskB3O-1jNRGI

Lennon Monyae from @APRMorg Secretariat says that the organisation is working on a Toolkit for Youth interested in engaging with the process

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