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Weak institutions; lack of transparency; marginalisation of citizens; insufficient civic engagement, lack of #HumanRights & justice,among others, culminate to unrest & conflict.Does your innovation address these challenges?

Join #YouthInnovationchallenge~ https://au.int/en/newsevents/20200625/democracy-and-governance-africa-youth-innovation-challenge

#APRMReport: Africa's Governance Response to Covid-19 Report does present what the early response from @_AfricanUnion Member States has been and the context in which it has been made.

Report available here: https://www.aprm-au.org/publications/africas-governance-report-to-covid-19/

Aspiration 3 of #Agenda2063 envisions “an Africa of good governance, democracy, respect for human rights, justice & rule of law”. Aspiration 4 envisions “a peaceful & secure Africa.”

Is your innovation driving the realization of these Aspirations?

Visit- https://au.int/en/newsevents/20200625/democracy-and-governance-africa-youth-innovation-challenge

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