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We are very proud to share our very first Leadership Africa Edition with both English and French versions. This edition was bought to you by the African Peer Review Mechanism @APRMorg
Read now: http://www.leadershiponline.co.za/leadership-africa/
French link: http://www.leadershiponline.co.za/leadership-afrique/

We're joining the @APRMorg today to share share about our experience participating in the South African Popular Sensitisation Project and contributing to the civil society youth submission. #IncludeUs 🔗: https://bit.ly/3dRRl07 https://twitter.com/rhymeswbruised/status/1365175457684074497

In case you missed it, our South African Youth workshop on their submission to the African Peer Review Mechanism @APRMorg is here! @saiia_info @tessie18 @JasoroConsults @LennonMonyae


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