African Development Bank Group

The African Development Bank has been lending its support to the African Peer Review Mechanism ever since the Inaugural Summit of the APRM Committee of Participating Heads of State and Government (APR Forum) in 2004.  More specifically, the Bank was designated by the APR Forum of..READ MORE


The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency is a government agency of the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. SIDA is responsible for organization of the bulk of Sweden’s official development assistance to developing countries. READ MORE

United Nations Development Programme

Through its strategic partnership with the Economic Commission for Africa and the African Development Bank, UNDP has provided key support to the NEPAD Secretariat in developing the conceptual framework, institutional set-up and processes governing the Africa Peer Review Mechanism … READ MORE

United Nations Economic Commission on Africa

ECA recognizes the importance of focusing attention on Africa’s special needs, particularly within the context of achieving the MDGs. It aims to provide significant technical support to the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) and also to promote peer learning and knowledge sharing in a …Read More 

African Capacity Building Foundation

Established in 1991, the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) builds human and institutional capacity for good governance and economic development in Africa. To date the Foundation has empowered governments, parliaments, civic society, private sector and higher education institutions in more than 45 countries and 6 regional economic communities. ACBF supports capacity development through investments, technical support, knowledge generation and sharing across Africa…READ MORE

Office Of The Special Advisor On Africa

The Office of the Special Adviser on Africa (OSAA) was officially established on 1 March 2003 by the Secretary-General Bulletin (ST/SGB/2003/6) PDF, in line with General Assembly Resolution A/RES/57/7 PDF of 4 November 2002 and became operational on 1 May 2003…READ MORE

Mo Ibrahim Foundation

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation (MIF) is an African foundation, established in 2006 with one focus: the critical importance of governance and leadership in Africa. It is our belief that governance and leadership lie at the heart of any tangible and shared improvement in the quality of life of African citizens….READ MORE