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Djibouti Workshop on the Implementation of the National Plan of Action (NPoA)


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This morning i introduced the mandate of the @APRMorg and work around youth participation at the @Data4GovAfrica workshop in Accra, Ghana. Well done at @Data4GovAfrica mobilizing CSOs to work with African Union.


Press Release |Deployment of Targeted Review Missions on Unconstitutional Changes of Government as part of the development of the African Governance Report-2023


The upcoming 5th African Governance Seminar Series #AGOSS main theme will focus on Consolidating Democracy and Economic Governance for Recovery, Growth and Stability.

-Ms. Karabo Chadzingwa, APRM Researcher & Specialised Reporting.

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Djibouti Workshop on the Implementation of the National Plan of Action (NPoA)


Midrand, 17 May 2018 – The African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) hosted a workshop with the Djibouti delegation on the implementation of the National Plan of Action (NPoA). The overall objective of the workshop was to provide the Djibouti delegation with crucial and pertinent information to ensure successful implementation of the NPoA.

Mr. Jean Yves Adou, Head of Knowledge Management expressed his gratitude, on behalf of Prof. Eddy MALOKA, APRM CEO, to the authorities of the Republic of Djibouti and its delegation for their commitment to improve good governance through proper implementation of the NPoA.

In addition, Dr. Rachel Mukamunana, Head of Country Review Coordination at the APRM highlighted that the meeting was to exchange ideas, experiences on good practices through an interactive session and ensure that the NPoA is implemented accordingly.

Mr. Moussa Omar, Director of Communication at the Djibouti Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Representative of the APRM Focal Point, emphasized on the need to depart from the workshop with clear ideas and indication on how best the authorities can be advised to take necessary measures for a successful implementation of the NPoA in the interest of the people of Djibouti.

The discussion covered topics such as the presentation of the APRM, the APRM Methodology and Processes, the Role and Responsibilities of Stakeholders, the Drafting of the Country Review Report and NPoA, the Road Map for the implementation of the Djibouti NPoA, the APRM National Reporting and Evaluation Framework and the APRM Continental M&E System.

The meeting recommended that Djibouti undertakes the following actions:

  • Visit pioneer countries such as Ghana, Benin and Sierra Leone as they have been faring well in terms of the NPoA implementation.
  • Produce a clear and realistic Road Map for the implementation of the Djibouti NPoA
  • Produce a detailed process of the implementation of the NPoA
  • Keep the APRM structures in place for the implementation of the NPoA
  • Communicate regularly on the implementation of the NPoA
  • Harmonise Scape and the APRM’s NPoA

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