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77th Meeting of the APRM panel of eminent persons


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77th Meeting of the APRM panel of eminent persons


The African Peer Review Mechanism [APRM] was adopted by members of the African Union primarily as a self-monitoring mechanism designed to promote policies, standards and practices that will lead to political stability, high economic growth, sustainable development and accelerated sub-regional and economic integration in Africa.

We, APR Panel of Eminent Persons, composed of:
Dr. Mustapha Mekideche (Chairperson);
Professor Mahamoud Youssouf Khayal (Vice-Chairperson);
Ambassador Fatuma Ndangiza;
Ambassador Ashraf Rashed;
Honourable Joseph Tsang Mang Kin;
Professor Al-Amin Abu Manga; and
Honourable Brigitte Sylvia Mabandla.

And with the participation of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the APRM Secretariat, Prof. Edward Maloka, as well as Senior Staff from the APRM Secretariat;

Having held our 77th Meeting from 20 to 21 May 2016 in Johannesburg, South Africa;

Having deliberated on a full Agenda as adopted at the beginning of the session;

Having listened to presentations from the CEO and Senior Staff on the draft Strategic Plan for 2016-2020 as well as the proposed Statutes of the APRM;

Having considered the Review Reports on Chad and Senegal;

Having considered the Report of the Support Mission to Côte d’Ivoire and the Outcome Report from the meeting of the Revitalisation Committee;

Welcome, commend and endorse the Outcome Report from the APR Revitalization Committee, and the draft proposals on the Legal Status of APR Panel Members;

Having deliberated on the Road Map of APRM Missions for the second half of 2016;

Welcome the Draft Strategic Plan and the Draft APRM Statutes to be endorsed at the next meeting of the APR Panel; The Panel designated four if its members to prepare a second draft of the Statutes to be endorsed by the Panel in Kigali.

Commend the Chairperson and the Member of the Panel who led the APRM Missions to Senegal and Chad respectively, as well as the CEO and members of his staff who coordinated these missions; and welcome and adopt the review reports of Chad and Senegal; endorse the proposal to peer review Chad and Senegal at the 24th Summit of the APR Forum taking place in Kigali, Rwanda on 16 July 2016.

Commend the Vice-Chairperson of the Panel for the successful conclusion of the Support Mission to Côte d’Ivoire with the support of the CEO and his staff.

Agree on the Road Map of APRM Missions to be fielded in the second half of 2016 including fielding review missions to Côte d’Ivoire and Sudan, after taking note of the recorded progress in both countries, and endorsing the proposal to peer review Cote d’Ivoire and Sudan at the 25th Summit of the APR Forum Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in January 2017.

The Panel takes note of the draft MOU on technical cooperation with the Office of the UN Special Advisor on Africa (OSAA), which will be signed by the CEO after its finalization and endorsement by the Panel at the next meeting.

Endorse the proposal of having the CEO sign MOUs on technical cooperation with two APRM Strategic Partners: the Mo Ibrahim Foundation and the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF).

Designate two Panel Members to lead a Crisis Response Mission to Lesotho.

Designate three members of the Panel to finalise Panel input to the Draft APRM Statutes and request the CEO to synchronise Panel input on the Draft APRM Statutes with the Focal Point Committee.

The Chairperson of the Panel will designate two Panel Members to meet with the AU Peace and Security Council and the AU Human Rights Commission, respectively, along with the CEO.

Express appreciation for the tabling of the APRM review reports at the May 2016 Ordinary Session of the Pan-African Parliament and designate a Panel Member to work with the CEO in drawing up a proactive programme of interaction with the Pan-African Parliament.

The Panel will meet for its 78th meeting on 12 July 2016 in Kigali, Rwanda.

The Panel thanked the CEO and the APR Secretariat for their contribution for the success of the meeting.

Done in Johannesburg, South Africa on 21 May 2016
Dr. Mustapha Mekideche
Chairperson of the APR Panel of Eminent Persons

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