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7th Meeting of the Continental Consultative Committee of the NGCs of the APRM


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📍 APRM | On Monday, 27 June 2022, @civic264 hosted a briefing session on the African Peer Review Mechanism (@APRMorg) process in 🇳🇦. Civil society is supposed to play a pivotal role in the self-assessment process.


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CS @NakuruCountyGov Mr. Benjamin Njoroge hosting a team from @NepadAprmKenya & APRM Namibia to discuss the impact of Africa Peer Review Mechanism to sub-national level & implementation of County Peer Review Mechanism initiative as a tool for promoting good governance to counties


Prof. @eddymaloka together with the Minister for @ForeignLesotho addressing members of the media on the sensitization mission underway in Lesotho.

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7th Meeting of the Continental Consultative Committee of the NGCs of the APRM


Johannesburg, 24th to 25 October 2018 – The Continental Consultative Committee (CCC) of the National Governing Councils (NGCs) held its 7th meeting in Sandton, South Africa. In his opening address, the Chief Executive Officer of the APRM, Professor Eddy Maloka thanked participants who attended and took that opportunity to congratulate the APRM National Structures in Cote d’Ivoire for their efforts, involvement in and accomplishment of the review of Cote D’Ivoire.

He reminded participants on the importance of the National Governing Council, that they are at the heart of the APRM Process; the core engine of the process, therefore for the advancement of the APRM mandate, there is still need of improving the national structures, particularly the NGCs. He concluded his remarks, encouraging representatives of the CCC of the NGCs of member countries to work together towards better recommendations that will contribute to refining and sustaining the national structures to better reflect the original idea of the APRM.

The Chairperson of the CCC of the NGCs, Mr. Bernard Konan’s remarks focussed on establishing and strengthening the national structures, particularly the NGCs, as these play a crucial role in the APRM process at the national level. He enumerated some of the challenges the national structures are facing, including the non-compliance with APRM guidelines for setting up national structures, the place and capacity of national structures within member states, the composition of national structures among others.

During the CCC meeting, presentations that speak into the theme of the meeting as well as sharing of experiences were made by members of the CCC of NGCs who were present. Participants to the workshop came up with a plan of activities that the CCC will be focussing on from next year; to promote APRM in member states, to harmonise and strengthen the national structures.

The Chairperson of the CCC of the NGCs, Mr. Bernard Konan thanked the Continental Secretariat for financing and organising their workshop and all who attended for their contribution to the discussions.

The meeting was closed by the APRM Chief of Staff, Mr Ferdinand Katendeko, who expressed gratitude to all who attended. He reminded them that the NGCs are at the centre stage of the APRM Process. He also reiterated that the revitalization, reinvigoration and the renewal of the APRM spearheaded by the CEO Prof. Eddy Maloka have been achieved thanks to the close collaboration with the NGCs. He further requested the bureau to maintain their working relation with the office of the Focal Points so that all countries be reviewed and participate in the implementation of the NPoAs, which is still a challenge.

On a concluding note, Mr Katendeko assured the CCC of the Continental Secretariat’s unending support to fulfil their mandate.

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