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The lead Panel for Egypt Prof Ibrahim Gambari and the country review team of experts in Egypt held a meeting with the President and Speaker of parliament Hon Ali Abdel-Aal. In his remarks the Speaker informed the delegation that the House of Representatives will soon discuss a long-awaited law aimed at regulating local councils. “Very soon we will discuss and pass a new local council law which will seek to reinforce administrative decentralization and improve the public services offered to citizens,” he said.

The speaker further informed Prof Ibrahim Gambari and His team of expert that achievements that Egypt’s parliament has achieved in the areas of rational governance and administrative reform and said the new law would be a progressive step in the decentralization process of Egypt.

The Speaker further noted that since the 30 June Revolution in 2013, Egypt has passed many important laws, covering regulations around church building, investment rules and incentives, implementing a new comprehensive health insurance system, and the establishment of a national election commission.

APRM team Of Experts with the Speaker of Parliament accompanied by the Chairperson of NGC- Egypt

Hon Abdel-Aal, Speaker of Parliament further explained to the team of APRM country review experts the relationship between parliament and the government, he noted that this relationship is governed by the constitution and the House’s internal bylaws. “We are also governed by the principle of separation of powers and in this respect, we discuss, and pass laws and it is obligatory for the government to implement these laws.

Concerning the supervisory role of parliament, Hon Abdel-Aal said parliament is keeping a watchful eye on the government’s performance and has the right to summon cabinet ministers to face questions from Members of parliament and can withdraw confidence from the member of cabinet.

In His remarks, Prof Ibrahim Gambari, lead panelist for Egypt commended on the role of Egypt and extended his appreciation for the Support that Egypt extends to the African Peer Review Mechanism as one of the founders of the APRM, and an influential African country.

He informed the President and Speaker of Parliament that, currently APRM has 38 member countries and further informed the speaker that the “Country Review Report for Egypt will be discussed during the African Union Heads of Summit to be held in February 2020 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  He further noted that the self-assessment report of that the National Governance Council of Egypt prepared and submitted to the secretariat was prepared in compliance with Egypt’s Vision 2030 plan and the African Union’s Agenda 2063.

In his concluding remarks, Prof Ibrahim Gambari informed the speaker that the APRM is an AU agency that was established in 2003. It aims to encourage members to share information on best practices in governance, via voluntary review and assessment.

The APRM delegation at the Speaker’s chamber (08/12/2019)

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