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Africa-NEPAD Week 2013 Celebrating APRM @10 – Dialogue


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Souhaitant à notre communauté musulmane du monde entier un Ramadan Kareem! Que ce mois sacré vous apporte la paix, les bénédictions et l'épanouissement spirituel.

#Ramadan #Ramadan2023

Wishing our Muslim community around the world a Happy Ramadan! May this holy month bring you peace, blessings, and spiritual fulfilment.

#RamadanKareem #RamadanMubarak @_AfricanUnion

3 days of experience sharing and collaboration has left our countries feeling empowered in overcoming the challenges of reporting and domestication of two agendas in Africa.
Missed the APRM-UNDESA workshop highlights? Watch our recap video now!

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Africa-NEPAD Week 2013 Celebrating APRM @10 – Dialogue


The APRM will be featured at the United Nations in New York from 21-25 October 2013, during the “Africa-NEPAD Week 2013: Celebrating APRM @10 – DIALOGUE”. The APRM @ 10 – DIALOGUE seeks to mobilize stakeholders and recognize the perspectives and potential contributions of all groups in supporting the implementation of the APRM as a mechanism for advancing the transformative governance principles of the African Agenda 2063. The DIALOGUE will engage the diaspora, NGOs, youth and women’s groups as well as the media and academia.

The dialogue will:

1. Raise awareness about the APRM as the unique governance flagship of the African Union;
2. Share experiences of the APRM’s achievements, best practices, lessons learnt and challenges;
4. Provide an inclusive platform for stakeholders’ engagement in the critical debate on transformative governance vis-à-vis the African Agenda 2063; and
6. Highlight potential entry points and opportunities for stakeholders’ engagement with the APRM at regional and national levels.

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