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📢Attention! APRM in collaboration with its partners , will convene in Nairobi for the Finalisation of the questionnaire on the APRM fifth thematic area which is State resilience to shocks and disasters.
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Souhaitant à notre communauté musulmane du monde entier un Ramadan Kareem! Que ce mois sacré vous apporte la paix, les bénédictions et l'épanouissement spirituel.

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Wishing our Muslim community around the world a Happy Ramadan! May this holy month bring you peace, blessings, and spiritual fulfilment.

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Khartoum, 29 November 2020 – H.E Dr. Abdallah Hamdok Prime Minister of the Republic of Sudan officially launched the Governance Gap Analysis process in presence of the head of the AU-APRM delegation to the Republic, Amb. Mona Omar Attia, Lead APR Panelist accompanied by Prof Eddy Maloka, Chief Executive Officer of the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) Continental Secretariat, Dr. Ismael Wadi the APRM Focal Point of Sudan, Prof. Hunud Abia Kudouf, the Chairperson of the National Governing Council,  Mr. Ferdinand Katendeko , the Chief of Staff of APRM Secretariat and other APRM members of the National Secretariat. The launch was in response to a call from the Transitional Government in October 2020, to conduct a Gap Analysis on Governance in Sudan.

The Prime Minister welcomed the APRM to the Republic of Sudan and reiterated that APRM still remains the jewelry of Africa and can address challenges facing Africa. He further thanked the APRM for mobilizing other AU Organs to participate in the Gap Analysis of Governance in Sudan. Additionally, H.E Dr Hamdok also encouraged the Mission Team to write a Report which reflects the situation on the ground. Amb. Omar Mona extended her appreciation to the Prime Minister for his commitment to restore good governance in Sudan and wished him well in his endeavours.

The Gap Analysis Mission is composed of 10 AU organs including the APRM Continental Secretariat, ACHPR, ACERWC, IGAD, AUPSC, AUC-WGDD, AUC-YVC, DREA, AAPAM and Afrosai-e. The UNECA has also joined the mission as APRM longstanding strategic partner.

A voluntary review of its kind is reflective of a strong political will to address the challenges and close the existing Gaps in the Sudanese Government Transition. The main objective of the Gap Analysis on Governance is to conduct an intensive review of policies, instruments, institutions, and activities in the context of the transition. The four clusters to be assessed are:

  • Transparency, Accountability, Corporate governance, Public Administration and Management.
  • Democracy and Political governance, Peace and Security, Post-conflict and development.
  • Economic Governance and Management, Corporate Governance, Environment Governance, Data & Statistics; and
  • Gender, Rights of Youth & Children, Human Rights.

The main purpose of this Mission was to learn about perspectives of the different stakeholders on governance in the country and to clarify the gaps in Sudan, to pave way for the country’s promotion of government and socio-economic Development.

The Gap Analysis Mission does not only mark a renewal in APRM process in Sudan but most importantly translates new hopes of building strong institutions, develop durable solutions for peace and sustainable development as well as economic growth.

The Mission met representatives of CSOs, Government and Agencies including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, Transport, Roads and Bridges, Internal Auditor, Ministry of Animal Resources, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Information, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Oil and Gas, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Justice,  among others. The delegation also visited several States to validate documentary information.

About APRM in Sudan

Sudan acceded to APRM in July 2006, and established APRM Structures in 2012. The country later undertook a country Support Mission from 30 September to 4th October 2012, during which a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between the country and the APRM.

Subsequently a country wide sensitization was carried out about APRM, culminating into the writing of the Country Self-Assessment Report. The country conducted its Country Review Mission from 1st November to 19th November 2016 and was finally peer-reviewed in January 2017.


For inquiries please contact: Liziwe Masilela (Head of Communications APRM)

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