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Benin poised for second cycle review in 2018


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This morning i introduced the mandate of the @APRMorg and work around youth participation at the @Data4GovAfrica workshop in Accra, Ghana. Well done at @Data4GovAfrica mobilizing CSOs to work with African Union.


Press Release |Deployment of Targeted Review Missions on Unconstitutional Changes of Government as part of the development of the African Governance Report-2023


The upcoming 5th African Governance Seminar Series #AGOSS main theme will focus on Consolidating Democracy and Economic Governance for Recovery, Growth and Stability.

-Ms. Karabo Chadzingwa, APRM Researcher & Specialised Reporting.

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Benin poised for second cycle review in 2018


Cotonou, 22 June 2017 – The APRM Secretariat CEO, Prof. Edward Maloka paid a courtesy visit to the Focal Point of Benin and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Excellence Aurelien Agbenonci.

The Focal Point welcomed the visitor with warm words. In his introductory remarks, Prof. Edward Maloka stated he is in Benin as a part of the series of visits he programmed to the APRM Member States, started since he took up his duties as the CEO of the APRM Secretariat in 2016. He pursued that in Benin his aim is not only to introduce himself and to exchange with the national authorities and the APRM structures on the review process in the country but also about the programming of the Benin Progress report for the next Forum of Head of State and Government in January 2018.

Minister and Focal Point, Excellence Aurelien Agbenonci, acknowledged that since he took up his duties at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation he did not find the time to familiarize with the local APRM and that 2017 is considered by the President of Benin Republic as a transition year. However, he explained that in his previous functions in some African countries (Congo Brazzaville, Cameroun) where he served as the UN Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative, he had had the opportunity to work on the APRM matters.

His Excellence Aurelien Agbenonci stated that the question of the APRM is important for the Republic of Benin and that because Benin APRM NGC mandate expired since 2015 and that the NPOA is at its end, there is a need to conduct an assessment of its implementation and renew the NGC so as to put the APRM on track and ready for its second generation of review.

As for the Benin Progress report programmed to be tabled in July 2017 at the Summit of Heads of State and Government, the Focal Point of Benin suggested to delay the discussion on the status of the report to next October, as both parties agreed, and decide for its tabling before the Forum meeting of January 2018. The Focal Point concluded the meeting by assuring the APRM Secretariat CEO on the strong political commitment of the Government of Benin in regards to the APRM. Benin is committed to the second generation review in 2018 and agrees to provide the necessary structure and support to achieve the review process successfully. Professor Edward Maloka, APRM CEO, was accompanied in this mission by Dr. Koffi Adorgloh, Benin Country Coordinator. The APRM continental Delegation held two productive meetings on 22 June 2017 with the Benin APRM NGC bureau in attendance of the Representative of the Focal Point and later with the NGC members.

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