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Joint Communique – African Peer Review Mechanism Follow-up Mission in Senegal


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En el marco de este Foro se firmó el Memorando de Entendimiento entre @APCColombia y @APRMorg, para adelantar intercambios, fortalecer la capacidad institucional de las dos entidades e identificar opciones de gestión de conocimiento alrededor de la Cooperación Sur-Sur.

Destacamos el reporte del "High-Level Forum for South-South and Triangular Cooperation" realizado en El Cairo el 24 y 25 de noviembre de 2021 y organizado por @APRMorg, en el cual participó nuestra directora general @VivianaManZul.

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Joint Communique – APRM Follow-up Mission in Senegal


To date, thirty-five (35) countries constitute the membership of the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM), the Pan-African initiative established to promote good governance and socio-economic development through the adoption of policies, standards and best practices aimed at fostering political stability, economic growth and sustainable development. The Forum of Heads of State and Government, the supreme organ of the APRM, has reviewed seventeen (17) member countries. The peer review of the Republic of Djibouti will be conducted during the Special Summit of the APRM scheduled for 29 January 2016 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Republic of Senegal has virtually completed its self-assessment and will be ready to host the APRM Country Review Mission in April 2016, to allow for its peer review at the Forum of Heads of State and Government of the APRM in June 2016.

The APRM Delegation for the Follow-up Mission in Senegal, led by Dr. Mustapha Mekideche, Chairperson of the APR Panel of Eminent Persons, included a Senior Staff of the Continental APRM Secretariat, Mr. Jean-Yves ADOU, Head of the Knowledge Management, Monitoring / Evaluation and Review Process Support Division.
The APRM Focal Point for Senegal, H.E. Khadim DIOP, Minister for African Integration, NEPAD and Good Governance, hosted the mission of the Continental APRM.

The objective of the Follow-up Mission was to track the progress made by Senegal in the drafting of its self-assessment report and finalize the terminal stages leading to the peer review of Senegal at the APRM Forum of Heads of State and Government in June 2016.

After his audience with H.E. Khadim DIOP, Senegal’s Minister for African Integration, NEPAD and Good Governance, and APRM Focal Point, the Continental APRM Delegation had several working sessions with the National Governance Commission, the Technical Research Institutes, as well as representatives of the civil society and the private sector. The APRM Delegation also met with APRM Strategic Partners – UNDP, AfDB and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) – to discuss issues concerning the financial support to the National Governance Commission and their prospects in terms of governance.

The working sessions that the Continental APRM Delegation had with the Minister/APRM Focal Point, the National Governance Commission and APRM stakeholders resulted in the drafting and adoption of a joint road map featuring actions to be taken and deadlines to respect in order to ensure the materialization of the review of Senegal in June 2016.

Dr. Mustapha Mekideche, the Chairperson of the APR Panel of Eminent Persons, noted with satisfaction, the progress made by Senegal in drafting its Country Self-Assessment Report. He thanked the Senegalese Authorities for the warm reception given to his delegation. He also thanked the Strategic Partners concerned for the various forms of assistance provided to Senegal.

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