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NAIROBI, 29 MARCH 2019 – His Excellency the President of the Republic of Kenya, Hon. Uhuru KENYATTA launched the 2nd Country Review Report for Kenya on Friday, 29th March 2019 at a colourful ceremony held at the State House Gardens, Nairobi. In his speech, President Kenyatta expressed his delight as he acknowledged the presence of the Chair of the APRM Panel of Eminent Persons, Professor Ibrahim Gambari, the lead panellist for Kenya, Professor Alamin Abu-manga, the Cabinet Secretaries, the Council of Governors, Members of Parliament, Senate, Development partners and different dignitaries at the ceremony. The President took pride in his country’s continued commitment and active participation in the African Peer-Review Mechanism processes since its inception in 2003. He observed that Kenya had produced the first report in 2006 and the 2nd one in 2016 culminating in the peer review at the APR Summit in January 2017.

The president pointed out despite the delay in conducting the public launch, the country was already dutifully implementing the recommendations therein just as was the case with the 1st report.
He further acknowledged that in spite of the numerous positive governance reforms and economic progress registered, challenges such as corruption, terrorism, diversity management, poverty and inequality continue to impede Kenya’s emergence as a truly middle-income country. In response to the challenges cited in the review report, the president explained some initiatives that have been activated in an effort to tackle them. These initiatives range from the establishment of various empowerment funds, the revolutionary Huduma Centres- one-stop public service shops that have eased public service delivery across the country, a multi-agency framework for combatting corruption etc. In conclusion, the president expressed confidence that the recommendations will be fully implemented. Prof. Gambari expressed the gratitude of panel members to president Kenyatta for his leadership of the APRM previously chairperson of the Forum of Heads of State and Government participating in the APRM.

Prof. Gambari stressed that president Kenyatta tireless leadership led to the revitalisation of this important Mechanism. On the other hand, Prof. Abu Manga, the lead panellist for Kenya, expressed his gratitude to the president and people of Kenya for demonstrated commitment to the APRM and to the implementation of the recommendations of the Programme of Action through the launch of the 2nd Review Report. Prof. Abu-manga pointed out that implementing the provisions of the 2010 Constitution had given rise to a stronger legal and institutional architecture for democracy and good governance in Kenya. The Equalisation Fund, Special funds such as the Uwezo Fund, Youth Employment Fund, National Constituency Development Fund, Constituency Bursary Fund (CBF), and Women Employment Fund (WEF) were also recognised as positive actions designed to address poverty, inequality and unemployment in Kenya despite challenges of corruption, insecurity, politically mobilised ethnicity, management of diversity and so on.

On his part, the APRM Focal Point for Kenya and Cabinet Secretary for National Treasury and Planning, Mr Henry Rotich, expressed his gratitude to the APRM for helping improve governance in the country. As a demonstration of unity of purpose between the National and County governments on the commitment to implement the NPoA. The Chairperson of the Council of Governors, Hon. Wycliffe Oparanya, expressed the Council’s strong support to the APRM process. He pointed out that the Governors had endorsed the implementation of the County Peer Review Mechanism (CPRM), an initiative that will entrench APRM governance principles in the Kenyan devolved units. He expressed optimism that the peer review process and closer inter-governmental relations will also help address challenges around fiscal management and climate change.

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