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Lesotho to be back on board Revitalization meeting between APRM and Lesotho Delegation


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Lesotho to be back on board Revitalization meeting


Midrand, 19th June 2017- APRM held a meeting with a delegation from the Kingdom of Lesotho led by Mr. Thabang Polycarp Lekhela – Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Relations. The discussions centred on revitalizing the APR Process in the Kingdom of Lesotho, re-establishing and re-energizing the APRM National structures.

Since Lesotho’s accession to the Mechanism in 2004 the Kingdom has successfully completed its first Country Review in 2009 and submitted its First Progress Report in 2010. Following a period of moderate participation in the mechanism, Lesotho is now set on reembarking on its successful journey in the APRM. It seeks to develop its Second Progress Report and to possibly consider a Second Country Review.

Speaking on behalf of Lesotho, Mr. Thabang P. Lekhela acknowledged the need of re-establishing and re-energizing the APRM National structures, and indicated that Lesotho will consider hosting a support mission to pave the way for the revitalization of the APR process. He reiterated that since Lesotho has attained key milestones, the APRM can add great value to the process of taking forward its institutional, judiciary, legislature, public service and security sector reforms.

Mr Thabang P. Lekhela, then invited the APRM to take part in the National Consultative Dialogue, and engage a diverse audience on the APRM and governance.

The APRM was represented by Mr. McBride Nkhalamba – the Head of Thematic Research and Coordination Division and Lesotho Country Coordinator, Clementine Nyinawumuntu. The Lesotho delegation concluded by providing roadmap within which the support mission can be conducted.

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