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Media Advisory – A Civil Society Engagement Event


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The assessment report was carried out independently by the Uganda NGC composed: of government, CSOs, Academia, Trade Unions, Religious Institutions, Women, Youth, Private Sector and Parliament of Uganda with both the ruling party and the opposition representation.

Today’s validation meeting has gathered: The Legislature as the vanguard of good governance, Judiciary as the champions of good governance through adherence to democratic principles and rule of law;…

“The APRM-Uganda 2nd Country Review Report highlighted that Uganda is one of the best models in the managing and integration of refugees as a commendable governance best practices that can be emulated by other APRM countries. says APRM Focal Point, Minister Amos

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Media Advisory – A Civil Society Engagement Event


WHAT: Media is invited to attend the Civil Society Engagement Event.

WHO: APR Focal Points Chair Hon. Mwangi Kuinjuri, APR Panel Members and Chief Executive Officer of the APRM Secretariat Prof. Eddy Maloka and National Governing Council Chairpersons.

DATE: Tuesday – 23 August 2016

WHERE: Inter-Continental Nairobi, Kenya.

BACKGROUND: The Civil Society Outreach Event aims to draw a multifaceted engagement with differencing societal stakeholders, to discuss the important role of civil society within the workings of the APRM and its revitalization programme and to reflect on the significance and importance of the need to consolidate African civil society groups within the workings of the APRM, particularly in its revival efforts aimed at encouraging a more vibrant, dynamic and zealous engagement with this vital sector of society.

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