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Maputo, 9 May 2019: At a high-profile event in Maputo, Mozambique, the President of the Republic of Mozambique, government officials, members of Parliament and the Judiciary, members of the Diplomatic Corp, international organisations, members of the APRM National Forum, political parties, religious Leaders, civil society organisations and the media gathered at the Joaquim Alberto Chissano Convention Centre for the public launch of the 2nd Country Review Report of Mozambique. The APRM was represented by Ambassador Mona Omar Attia, APR Panel member in charge of Mozambique, Mr. Ferdinand Katendeko, Dr. Rachel Mukamunana, Mr. Valery Yao and Mrs. Virginia Mudhokwani.

In his statement, Professor Lourenco do Rosario, the Chairperson of the APRM National Forum expressed his gratitude to all the stakeholders for their contribution to the report and recalled that, subsequent to the first Country review Report of Mozambique peer reviewed in Sirte, in Libya, the country has made progress in the APRM four thematic areas of governance, as reflected in the two progress reports. The 2nd Country review report benefitted from substantial support and commitment of H.E. President Filipe Nyusi who was commended to that effect. The Chairperson concluded by saying that the report highlighted key challenges, including youth unemployment, corruption and illiteracy and the recommendations will serve as key input for the formulation of national policy documents.

Ambassador Mona Omar Attia conveyed to His Excellency, the Government and the people of Mozambique the deepest sympathies of the APR Panel of Eminent Persons, on the tragic incidents of cyclones IDAI and Kenneth which caused the loss of many lives. She also expressed her profound gratitude to the President for his leadership and openness in the conduct of the peer review of Mozambique and for the warm welcome the APRM delegation received throughout the review process. According to the Panel member, this is indicative of the good political will and compliance with the principles of good governance. She highlighted few progress and commendable practices in the report, including the opening up of the political space, marked with the progressive amendments of electoral law, the commitment of the Government and opposition parties to sustain the peace building process, the advances in the promotion and empowerment of women’s rights, the reforms undertaken in the revenue mobilisation system as well as the steps taken by the country to curb corruption. As far as challenges are concerned, Ambassador Mona called for the capacitation of Parliament and the Judiciary to play their oversight roles, continued efforts to achieve social inclusion and a balance between agriculture and mineral resources in achieving and sustaining economic growth targets.

She advised the country to implement the recommendations contained in the report, the National Plan of Action (NPoA) and produce regular progress reports.

In conclusion, she presented a gift on behalf of the APR Panel of Eminent Persons, to H.E. President Filipe Nyusi as a sign of appreciation for his good leadership.

His Excellency President Filipe Nyusi commended the work of the APR Panel which was presented at the APR Forum on 9 February 2019 in Addis Ababa. The President emphasised that ‘’the 2nd review Report of Mozambique satisfied the expectations of the Government and the people of Mozambique as it the true mirror of the state of governance in the country’’. The President added that the APRM, is not only a unique initiative that has continued to encourage African countries to walk toward the path to socioeconomic development, but also a key measure which indicates the level of change required should a country aspire to development. Therefore, the people of Mozambique are very proud of the APRM as interactive mechanism which promotes social dialogue. ‘’The APRM is the light that enlightens our actions and therefore we count on the mechanism, as introspective instrument to advance our governance’’. The Government of Mozambique commits to domesticate the report and implement the recommendations contained in the report.

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