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Preparing Africa for the 4th Industrial Revolution


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#APRM CEO Prof. ⁦@eddymaloka⁩ dropped in on ⁦@IOMatAU⁩ to discuss possible APRM support towards enhancing migration governance on the continent. Took the opportunity to share with him a copy of the newly-minted Africa Migration Report.


Official Handover of the Africa, Migration Report: Challenging the Narrative handed over by @IOMatAU Chief of Mission to the APRM CEO @eddymaloka

Read the report👇🏽

Official Handover of the Africa, Migration Report: Challenging the Narrative handed over by @IOMatAU Chief of Mission to the APRM CEO @eddymaloka

The @IOMatAU have been mandated by the Assembly of the AU in February, 2020 to organize the African Migration Governance Conference.

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Preparing Africa for the 4th Industrial Revolution




3-4 July, Kampala, Uganda – The APRM, a partner of CryptoSavannah, participated in the Africa 4.0 Conference whose theme was “Preparing Africa for the 4th Industrial Revolution Conference”. The event brought participants from industry, policy leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, youth and academia to discuss and share experiences that contribute to shaping the place of Africa in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The APRM was represented by the Chief of Staff, Mr Ferdinand Katendeko, Head of Research, Methodology and Development, Dr. McBride Nkhalamba and Mrs Virginia Mudhokwani, an Administrator in the Office of the Chief of Staff.

Speaking on the Panel on Innovation on enhancing delivery of Government Services, Mr Katendeko highlighted that the APRM, through its mandate of ensuring that African Member States comply to agreed Continental Standards contributes to improving delivery of government services. Mr. Katendeko also highlighted that the APRM is in the process of integrating Standards on the various areas of the 4th Industrial Revolution into its country assessment instruments.

The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) refers to the ongoing technology that is fundamentally altering the way we live, work and relate to one another. It comprises series of technologies including artificial nano technology, blockchain, drones robotics, 3D printing and big data to name a few. As they infuse every aspect of society, the conference addressed what opportunities they present, what threats they pose and what Africa must do to leverage them for its development.

The conference was officiated by their excellencies, H.E. Yoweri Museveni, President  of Uganda and H.E. Julius Maada Bio, president of Sierra Leone. President Museveni expressed how enthusiastic the Ugandan government is about the 4IR and how the government is supportive of the initiative.

Delivering the keynote address, President Bio outlined several uses of blockchain in his country inter alia the facilitation of digital identity, identification systems which can be used for goods national budgeting, financial inclusion, resource allocation, adequate catering for public services as well as helping in identifying reliable demographic data on which policy decisions can be based. He further elaborated that using  blockchain would also facilitate transactions, property, finance and banking, trade volumes, taxes and land  for which data can be recorded, verified in a transparent manner. In healthcare, social and public services and education, President Bio stated that the records can be accessed, recorded, tracked and verified for people, removing costs in the process for recipients.

This was the last Africa Blockchain Conference, the next event of this nature will be a summit on the 14.0 Industrial Revolution aimed at domesticating people on the technological advancements that this revolution had instore for the world.

For inquiries please contact: Liziwe Selana (Head of Communications APRM)
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