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Kampala, 18 October 2021. The African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) delegation led by Bishop Dinis Sengulane Salamao, Panel Member in charge of Uganda, will be conducting a Targeted Review in Uganda focused on three thematic clusters, i.e., Underdevelopment of Agriculture; Unresponsive Civil Service; Underdevelopment of Infrastructure from 18 October to 01 November 2021. The APRM Targetedw Review Team is represented by Mrs. Janet Mabwa, Head of Targeted Review Unit at APRM, Mr. Germain Tshinu, Mr. Bachir Salifou Oumarou, Mr. Emmanuel Merissa Anna, Mr. Hassan Mahamat and Ms. Tsakane Mahlaule researchers at APRM, and Mr.  Loot Janse van Rensburg, M & E Tool kit.

The purpose of the Targeted Review is to provide African Countries with an independent, credible and legitimate analyses of and solutions to a specific question, needed to address the governance and developmental challenges pertaining to the question. Such a review would be among others based on the AU theme of the year or an APRM thematic area. Through this initiative, the APRM intends to enhance the relevance of the reviews to African Countries seeking to address governance challenges that affect the overall development of their societies and the continent at large.

The objective of the Targeted Review is to examine and identify the catalyst for good governance on the continent by undertaking an in-depth, focused analysis of key socio-economic and political governance questions. It is envisaged that the Targeted Review exercise will revive the APRM process in APRM Countries and encourage Non-Member Countries to accede to APRM. In addition, the Targeted Review will increase the value-addition of the APRM to governance and development on the continent.

Through this Targeted Review Field Mission, the APRM seeks to engage or have consultation with officials from various Government Departments, members of the National Governance Council (NGC), Civil Societies, Private Sector, APRM Continental Secretariat Staff, Key persons from the five AU regions and the UN agencies on the integration of the NPoA into the National Development Plan of Uganda.  In addition, the team will visit various regions of the country to have the opinion of Ugandans from rural areas in terms of the selected topics. The participation of the various stakeholders which include UN agencies is considered by the APRM Continental Secretariat as an opportunity for those organisations to allocate resources and fund socio-economic development programmes based on the recommendations of the Targeted Review Reports. Since Targeted Review processes are nationally owned and take into account local context, the APRM Continental Secretariat believes that the Reports’ findings should inform donors’ policies/strategies to promote development related initiatives on the continent and avoid policies that are imposed from the outside as the practice of providing external solutions to African problems has proven unproductive.

Furthermore, by engaging all stakeholders during this Targeted Review Field Mission, the APRM Continental Secretariat believes that the platform will pave a way for a continuous process of strengthening the engagement between policy makers and the representatives of the donor community, private sector and civil society, especially those who represent the interests of the poor. The platform will also promote evidence based, transparent decision making, as well as innovation and lesson learning to arrive at policies suited to the local context. In other words, the implementation of the Reports’ findings will strengthen the capacity of members of the government to assist countries synchronize the national plan cycle with the APRM-NPoA cycle to ensure the most efficient use of available resources.

For inquiries please contact: Liziwe Masilela (Head of Communications APRM)

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