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Sudan Country Review in Full Gear


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Sudan Country Review in Full Gear


Khartoum, Sudan, 4 November 2016– Sudan Country Mission is in full gear having started with consultations between the Sudanese Focal Point, Members of the National Governing Council (NGC) and APRM Task Force on 1 November 2016. The APRM Mission further held audience with the National Assembly and the Council of States which is the lower house of parliament in Khartoum, Sudan. In welcoming the mission, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly and Member of the Opposition, Honorable Aisha Mohamed Ahmed Salih, highlighted the importance of African-led, African-owned conclusions about the state of governance in Africa.

“I am glad to note that the Sudanese Country Self-assessment Report was developed with utmost independence and objectivity. The process of gathering information and data for our self-evaluation was credible and all-inclusive to ensure that the outcomes are of relevance and useful to the country, a testament of APRM principles and values”; said Hon Ahmed Salih.

The Self-assessment Report focuses on inputs from civil society organizations and outlines the nation’s issues and a National Programme of Action (NPoA) with clear steps and deadlines on how the country plans to conform to APRM codes and standards, the African Union Charter, and UN obligations. The Report further highlights issues to be focused on during the review mission.

In appreciation of the reception by the Sudanese government, APRM Panel Member and Leader of the Mission, Ambassador Ashraf Rashed congratulated Sudan for its efforts to fulfil its obligations entailed as a Member of the APRM. The Lead Panel Member for Sudan congratulated the Peoples of Sudan emphasised that the role of the mission is to provide support and guidance to the process.

“We express great appreciation for the leadership and commitment of the President of Sudan for launching the National Dialogue which has culminated in the country signing the Memorandum of Understanding to kick-start the Review Process. This process embraces all spheres of Sudanese society and includes 74 parties and 30 armed groups and various National Personalities under one banner that, Sudan is a nation that encompasses all”; said Ambassador Rashed.

Later in the morning the mission met with the Speaker of the Council of States and the Chairperson of the Sudanese National Dialogue and Reconciliation Committee who indicated that Sudan was keen on ensuring that the process yields insights that can facilitate the process of national reconciliation and consolidation of good governance. The Speaker said the Peoples of Sudan were pinning their hope on the Country Review Process to create a safe space for national dialogue on governance and socio-economic issues as well as presenting an opportunity to build consensus on the way forward for Sudan.

A record four APRM Country Review Missions have been concluded in 2016 alone after a three year lull and stagnation in the APRM Process. This pinnacles with Sudan being the 5th Country whose Review Report will be presented in the upcoming APRM Forum in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in January 2017. Other Country Reports expected to be tabled at the Forum are Djibouti, Chad, Senegal and Kenya’s 2nd Generation Country Review. This makes the number of APRM reviewed countries 22 out of 35 member states.

Sudanese Focal Point and host of the Mission, Dr. Ibrahim Dagash commended the work of the Review Team and praised the efforts and commitment of the APRM CEO.

He said, “the APRM has witnessed a surge of activities and acceleration in the pace and breadth of APRM reviews since the appointment of the APRM CEO Professor Eddy Maloka in February 2016. The new APRM Chief Executive has successfully and relentlessly embarked on the revitalization efforts as pronounced by the Special Summit of the APR Forum of Heads of State and Government held in Addis Ababa in January 2016”.

The Mission comprises of African Experts in the four thematic areas of the APRM, Representatives of the APRM Strategic Partners (UNDP, UNECA, ADB, AUC, African Capacity Building Foundation, Members of the National Governing Councils and APRM Secretariat Staff led by CEO Professor Maloka. The Review Team will hold consultations in Khartoum City and later to all Sudan’s five regions namely Kasala (Eastern Region), Medani (central Region), Damar (Northern Region), Elobied (Western Region), and Fashier (Far West).

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