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Sudan Review Team Holds Dialogue with Key Central Government Entities


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Sudan Review Team Holds Dialogue with Key Central Government Entities


6th November 2016- The APRM mission commenced a technical review process. The Sudan Focal Point presided over the meeting with Ambassador Ashraf. The Focal Point, Dr Dagash started with a brief history of the APRM on the continent and in Sudan in particular. Dr Dagash emphasised the African character of the mechanism, it’s African led and African owned. He highlighted the diverse and inclusive nature of the national structure and the purpose of each entity.

Dr Dagash went on to detail the process of the ARM in Sudan which included the production of the Country Self-assessment report and the current ongoing review process. In attendance were representatives from government departments and later in the afternoon the Review Team met with civil society groups.

Ambassador Ashraf then proceeded to thank the government of Sudan for the decision to accede and subject itself to a peer review. He highlighted that the Mission Team members do not represent their respective governments but work as experts for the mechanism, with specific thematic expertise. Ambassador Ashraf emphasised the need to ensure that the resultant report is objective and reflects the realities in Sudan. As such he indicated that it is critical to have a dialogue between all parties and communities in Sudan. It is in this regard he said, that the mission will visit five states in the Sudan.

The Review Team held consultations with the following:
1. Foreign Affairs
2. Defense
3. Interior Ministry
4. Human Rights Commission
5. Ministry of Transport
7. Ministry of Animal Resources
8. Ministry of Industry
9. Civil Service Bureau
10. Ministry of Information
11. Ministry of Environment
12. Ministry of Oil and Gas
13. Ministry of Minerals
14. Ministry of Labour and Administrative Reform
15. Judicial Service Commission
16. Ministry of International Cooperation
17. Corporate Governance Committee
18. Economic Committee of Parliament
19. Political Parties Affairs Council
20. National Secretariat for Sudan Accession to WTO

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