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APRM CEO Prof. @eddymaloka congratulates the APRM team under the coordination of Ms. @TawfikHamouda for putting up a successful three-days Africa High-Level forum of #SouthSouth and Triangular Cooperation in Kampala, Uganda.

Kudos to everyone involved 🙌🏾 @NPA_UG , @GovUganda

Congratulations @APRMorg for organizing this successful international Event in the Pearl of Africa, Thank you for your great efforts in promoting partnerships and coordination between countries of the global south in line with #SustainableDevelopment and Agenda 2063. 🌍📍UGANDA🇺🇬


On the occasion of the 2nd Africa High-Level forum, CEO Prof. @eddymaloka was honored with an appreciation award for his leadership and commitment in making the APRM mandate on promoting good governance a success on the continent.

Congratulations Professor Maloka. 🙌🏾

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ACRRA, 12 MAY 2021. The African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) delegation led by Ambassador Mona Attia, Panel Member in charge of Ghana, and Professor Eddy Maloka, Chief Executive Officer of the APRM, conducted a two-day sensitisation meeting with various stakeholders from the Technical Research Institute, Government Officials, NAPRM-GC Council members, the Private Sector and Civil Society organizations from the Republic of Ghana. The APRM Targeted Review Team represented by Mrs. Janet Mabwa, Head of Targeted Review Unit at APRM, Ms. Tsakane Mahlaule and Mr. Germain Tshinu researchers at APRM, sensitised the Ghanaian stakeholders on the APRM Mandate, Structures, Processes and Products, APRM Questionnaires, Targeted Reviews, APRM Governance Structures and their Roles, the e-questionnaire thereof, and the tentative roadmap for the country’s Targeted Review.In his opening remarks, the Most Reverend Professor Emmanuel Asante welcomed and congratulated participants for availing themselves to this crucial sensitisation meeting on Targeted Reviews. He also outlined Ghana’s prominent role in the APRM process since its inception from 2003. For instance, he indicated that his country is one of the pioneers of the APRM processes since it was one of the first countries to be peer reviewed at the APR Forum in 2005. He also mentioned that Ghana has been playing a key role of promoting good governance practices and sharing experiences with other countries as it presented several progress reports at the APR Forum on the implementation of the Country Review Report. Furthermore, he seized the opportunity to thank the APRM Continental Secretariat through its CEO for their availability to sensitise the country on Targeted Review. Targeted Review were labelled by Prof. Asante as a golden opportunity that will help Ghana achieve sustainable development since it focusses on one topic/ area that requires in-depth analysis for the country’s development. In the same vein, Professor. Asante proposed few topics for the upcoming Ghana Targeted Reviews. Those topics included education, trade agriculture and other areas that can also be considered. In order to successfully complete Targeted Reviews in 2021, Professor Asante urged national structures, including the government of Ghana to jointly collaborate in the best interest of the country.Professor Eddy Maloka, the CEO of the APRM Continental Secretariat, thanked members of the NGC, the Government of Ghana and the Targeted Review team for organising the sensitisation meeting. He also urged members of the NGC to motivate and persuade the government to undertake Targeted Reviews this year on suggested topics. Moreover, Professor Maloka outlined the importance of Targeted Reviews and a number of countries that have undertaken the reviews to encourage Ghana to undertake one without hesitation. However, Professor Maloka advised the NGC to own the process and jointly work with the government of the republic of Ghana to propose topics to be covered for Targeted Reviews.

Ambassador Martha A.A. Pobee, Chief Director at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration (MFARI) welcomed the participants on behalf of the Minister, Hon. Shirley Ayokor Botchwey, and expressed appreciation for their participation in the sensitisation meeting. Ambassador Pobee extended special appreciation to the APRM Continental Secretariat team led by Ambassador Mona and Prof. Eddy Maloka for visiting Ghana. She further highlighted that the APRM presence in Accra attested their dedication to the mechanism process and their desire to ensure that all AU member states undertake in-depth focus analysis of key governance issues. Furthermore, the Ambassador outlined the firm commitment of successive governments of Ghana to the APRM, rule of law, AU rules and regulations. For instance, she singled out the fact that, the President of the Republic, H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has demonstrated firm belief in the importance of good governance, adherence to democratic principles and values, building of strong institutions and respect for the rule of law, as enshrined in various treaties; conventions and declarations adopted by the AU and other relevant international organizations. In addition, she lauded Ghana for being among the first six countries to sign the MOU in 2003 and was the first African Union Member State to be peer reviewed in 2005 at a time when most countries were sceptical of the success of the APR process.

Despite these laudable achievements, Ambassador Pobee stated that for a number of reasons, Ghana has since not been able to undergo a second review. To address this issue, she indicated that the government is putting in place all the necessary measures to enable the country to undergo the long overdue review process by taking advantage of a Targeted Review, not excluding the possibility of a full second-generation review.

Following the presentations made by the APRM Continental Secretariat, participants expressed their satisfaction in taking part in an informative workshop. They expressed their willingness and readiness to undertake Targeted Reviews in 2021 and suggested some topics such as unemployment and safeguarding the natural environment through Natural resource governance in order to capture the government attention.


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