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Johannesburg, 06 April 2022. Under the leadership of Dr. Honoré Mobonda, Member of the Eminent Personalities Panel of the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM), a preparatory meeting for the Targeted Evaluation and the National Governance Report (NRM) was organized from 30 to 31 March 2022 in Dakar, Senegal.  The APRM team was composed of Dr. Rachel Mukamunana, Director of the Country Assessments Department, Mr. Germain Tshinu, Researcher and Coordinator of Senegal and Ms. Clementine Nyinawumuntu, Researcher and Coordinator of National Governance Reports. The main objective of this preparatory meeting was to sensitize members of the government, the newly appointed members of the National Governance Council (NMC) of Senegal, academics and all strata of society on the targeted evaluation and the national governance report in order to undertake in the near future the two aforementioned reports.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Cheikh Fall Mbaye, on behalf of the President of the NMC of Senegal Professor Ibrahima Thioub, stressed that the targeted evaluation on the theme “mineral resources at the heart of the structural transformation of Senegal’s economy” will be a real added value for Senegal like the national assessment instruments. He also added that the choice of this topic will allow Senegal to realize its aspiration to become a mining host and important country in the production and good governance of oil and gas to generate economic growth and sustainable development.

Speaking at this opening ceremony, Dr. Mobonda sent warm congratulations to H.E. Macky Sall, President of the Republic of Senegal following his election to the rotating presidency of the African Union and his determination to lead his country to emergence by 2035. Regarding this emergence by 2035, the Panelist welcomed the fact that mineral resources occupy a prominent place in the realization of this government master plan to remedy the socio-economic problems affecting the country. To respond to the socio-economic problems of the country, Dr. Mobonda dwelt on the important question of seeing mineral resources benefit the Senegalese population, holder of the subsoil through a structural transformation of the economy.

As for Mrs. Maimouna Isabelle Dieng, Vice-President of the NMC, she welcomed the aprM continental team while welcoming the choice of the targeted evaluation on the governance of the mining sector given the importance that this sector occupies in the economic sphere of Senegal. She welcomed her country’s commitment to the APRM assessments, which showed that Senegal is a good example in governance.

Mr. Alioune Saar, Representative of the Ministry of Mines and Geology, welcomed the choice to conduct a targeted assessment in the mining sector to enable his country and ministry to develop policies and strategies that will lead to sustainable development. He indicated the various policies and measures put in place since the creation of the Ministry of Mines and Geology in 2017, such as the Sectoral Development Policy Letter (LPSD) which is a strategic planning tool of the objectives and strategic axes and actions to be implemented over the period 2017-2023 in order to promote a better sharing of wealth.

The opening remarks were closed by the speech of Dr. Bassirou Niang, Director of Monitoring and Evaluation of Good Governance Policies, who began by presenting the APRM process in Senegal since the country’s accession to the mechanism. Speaking about the targeted assessment, he also mentioned its objective which is to identify key issues relating to the governance of mineral resources in the Republic of Senegal as a lever for the country to fulfill its mission of economic and social development.

After this opening session, the preparatory work continued over two days with the presentation of Dr. Rachel Mukamunana on the APRM overview focusing on the mandate, structure, evaluation process and different products of the APRM. The second presentation made by Mrs. Maimouna Isabelle Dieng focused on the APRM process in Senegal while Mr. Germain Tshinu and Ms. Clementine Nyinawumuntu respectively presented on the terms of reference, the proposals of the roadmap, the list of needs, the Framework Document for the preparation of national governance reports and the Guidelines for the development of the RNG.

During the two-day discussions, participants and especially NMC members expressed their enthusiasm and commitment to the development of these two reports and proposed that the NMC play a leading role in close collaboration with the continental APRM starting with the terms of reference that will lead to the selection of consultants to undertake the targeted evaluation itself and the which will support the NMC in the development of the NNG.

At the end of this preparatory technical meeting, the NMC and the participants committed to provide the Continental APRM on 15 April with comments on the terms of reference for the recruitment of consultants, the roadmaps on the implementation of the targeted evaluation and the preparation of the national governance report.

At the end of the technical work, the APRM Mission was received in courtesy hearing by HE the Keeper of the Seals, the Minister of Justice, Human Rights and Good Governance and Focal Point of the APRM in Senegal.


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