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UNECA and APRM Annual Consultative Meeting


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UNECA and APRM Annual Consultative Meeting


Midrand, 06 November 2017- Prof Eddy Maloka, CEO of the APRM together with APRM head of divisions, Mr Jean-Yves Adou and Dr Rachel Mukamunana, welcomed Dr Abdalla Hamdok, UNECA Deputy Executive Secretary and Chief Economist accompanied by Ms Hodane Youssouf, at the Continental Secretariat.

The consultative meeting began with Dr Hamdok highlighting the partnership and long-standing relationship between the two organizations, and reaffirming UNECA support to APRM by stating “We are committed to supporting the mechanism on a continental level and beyond”.

The head of institutions focused their remarks on strategic priorities such as APRM as a conflict prevention tool; election and violence; Alignment of APRM, SDGs and Agenda 2063 M&E Frameworks.

With regards to election and violence – management of democratic order, the need for hosting a High-Level Forum conversation, between Head of States, to be hosted in Abuja in March 2018, was also stressed on. Three regional expert consultations, taking place in Lusaka, Yaounde and Accra, will be held in preparation of the High-Level Forum.
After the opening remarks, the technical team from APRM and UNECA continued discussing the remaining activities for 2017 namely APRM Support Missions to Niger and Mozambique as well as Egypt Regional Workshop which should include APRM Member States and Non-Member States. Additionally, it was mutually agreed that the Validation of the Impact Study report will be scheduled for 30th November to 1st December in Pretoria, on the verge of the Joint Retreat taking place from the 2-3 December 2017.

The meeting concluded with a summary of the remaining activities planned for 2017 identified as APRM Monitoring and Evaluation guideline, the Alignment of APRM with SDGs and Agenda 2063, the Country Support Missions, and the North Regional and Egypt Sensitization Workshop.

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