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Working Group Kickstarts firstleg of the Egypt support mission


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Working Group Kickstarts first leg of the Egypt Support Mission


01 March, Cairo, Egypt – The APRM Support Mission working group held its preparatory planning and organizing meeting in Cairo, Egypt. The joint working group which comprises the APRM Lead Panel Member for Egypt Professor Ibrahim Gambari; the Egyptian Focal Point Ambassador Khalid Amara; the National Governance Council (NGC) Chairperson Ambassador Ashraf Rashed discussed the preparedness of Egypt to embark on the self-assessment process. Issues such as the composition and representativeness of the NGC; appointment of TRIs; roadmap to the country review mission were among the few that were discussed during this meeting. Logistics and other related issues were also covered.

During the meeting, Amb. Rashed outlined the composition of of the NGC and its representative organizations and the Technical Research Institutions (TRI’s) which will be later engaged by the Support Mission. He further highlighted the diverse and inclusive nature of the national structures.

The Egyptian Focal Point, Amb. Emara reiterated his country’s commitment to the APRM process. He said Egypt understands the issue of governance is important for Africa’s development and it is for this reason that Egypt is undertaking the APRM process, “to improve the lives of the Egyptian people”.

He expressed his country’s readiness to welcome the APRM Mission and further alluded to the fact that there was sufficient budget allocation by the Ministry of Finance for the self-assessment exercise.

At the meeting which was also attended by APRM Continental Secretariat staff members, Egypt’s government official and a representative of the APRM National Secretariat, the APR Panel of Eminent Persons who also serves as the Vice – Chair of the Panel, Prof. Gambari, said he was encouraged by the amount of work displayed by the Egyptians on preparations for the Support Mission. He congratulated the team and expressed well wishes toall stakeholders that will engage the APRM process in Egypt.

The Mission is expected to meet the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, H.E Abdel Fattah el-Sisi on 02 March 2018.

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