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The APRM in collaboration with the Ministry of African Integration of Mali is holding the Public forum on the role of Universities, the private sector and think tanks in the governance process

le MAEP en collaboration avec le Ministère de l’Intégration Africaine du Mali organise le Forum public sur le rôle des universités, du secteur privé et des groupes de réflexion dans le processus de gouvernance .

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LUSAKA, 11 APRIL 2019. The African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) delegation led by Bishop Dinis SENGULANE had a fruitful and productive meeting with the Zambian APRM Focal Point and Minister of Justice Hon. Given LUBINDA on the upcoming Targeted Review Workshop and Targeted Review Mission to Zambia.

In his opening remarks, Bishop Sengulane thanked the government and people of Zambia for their warm welcome and hospitality to the delegation of the mission. Bishop alluded the warm reception to the Pan-Africanist spirit of solidarity that has characterised Zambia for so many years, such as the support for political liberation in Southern Africa Region.

In his address the Lead Panel Member for Zambia touched on the matter of the day by introducing the concept of Targeted Reviews as the new and innovative initiative of the APRM which intends to provide more focused analysis on issues that are considered critical and a priority to the governance and development of the country. The benefit of Targeted Reviews are equally raised in the sense that, it is short, concise and take a short time and resources to be completed. Bishop concluded his remarks by thanking the government of the Republic of Zambia for showing interest in hosting the Preparatory Workshop on Targeted Reviews.

Taking the floor on behalf of the Zambian government, Hon.Given Lubinda welcomed the APRM delegation for the courtesy visit. The APRM Zambia Focal Point further mentioned the role Zambia had played in the struggle liberation of Southern Africa and showed his concern on the surge of anti-Pan-Africanist ideals of solidarity such as xenophobia in certain parts of the continent. The Minister insisted that APRM should be used as a mechanism to advocate peace and good governance against the scourge of intolerance of one another. Furthermore, the Minister stated his country’s willingness to undertake a Targeted Review Mission in the mining and tourism sectors as this has the potential of moving Zambia’s economy forward and in turn transform the lives of people. He urged the APRM to consider Zambia as one of the first country to undergo a Targeted Review so that his country can be one of the pioneers on the continent.

The Targeted Review referred to as Voluntary or Special Review in the APRM base document shall be short, focused, cost effective and in line with the Six-Point Revitalization Strategy.  This Review will cover a particular theme/sector of interest within the socio-economic and political life of African States. Whereas, the traditional review was conducted in APRM member states only, the Targeted Review will take place in both APRM and non-APRM Member states in line with APRM’s flagship ‘Towards Universal Accession’. Targeted Reviews shall be conducted on a voluntary basis.


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